How to Create New Pages

Joomla 3.7 has an alternative workflow to create menu links and webpages.

Step #1: Go to Menus and select the menu you want to work in.
Step #2: Click the New Button at the top left
Step #3: For Menu Item Type  Click the Select Button-> Articles -> Single article
Step #4: For Select Article Click the Create button which will bring up the Article editor that you will use to create the new page.

Tips for Creating Awesome Content.

These tips will help to make your website successful.

1.  Write copy with your customer in mind

2.  Write for easy reading

3.  Have clear and easy to use navigation

4.  Keep your website up-to-date

5.  Make it easy for visitors to contact you

6. Have a clear goal of why you are writing

7. Use correct grammar and spelling

8. Make pages as long or as short as needed.

9. Write so that your customer will understand

10. Tell customers what you can do for them.