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The web design process is simple and easy to follow.  You'll be part of that process as you share with me valuable input about your business, your goals, and future requirements.  Below is an overview of the web design process.

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Website Design Process

Consultation *Website consultation is free.Your needs are discussed in the context of what you want to accomplish with your website.
Proposal *The proposal is part of the free consultation. This gives you information that you can use to compare with consultations from other web design companies.Based on the information that you provide, I will discuss with you how I'm able to help.
Planning and Goal SettingPlanning begins to ensure timely completion of goals and website.
Design LayoutDesign efforts being to create a website that stands out and makes a connection with your customer.
ApprovalThe website layout and design must be approved before website configuration begins.
Build and ConfigureOnce the layout and design has been approved the website will be built and configured.
TestWebsite functionality will be tested with your assistance. This helps ensures that nothing was missed and serves as an introduction to your new website.
ApprovalThis will be your second approval before the website opens for business. This finalizes the design process and moves the website into the launch phase.
LaunchThe website opens for business.

Clients have free access to our training resources and receives discounts on our online workshops and partner workshops.  Paid memberships are also available for those who just want access to our training sources and online workshops at a discount.


For New Website Owners

New website owners should give some thought about the wording to use on the website before contacting a web designer.  If you care about the success of your website then keep reading to find out why.

The wording on your website is critical to your success and to your search engine ranking.  Regardless of the type of website that you want, the wording helps to sell your products, your services, and your organization.  The more information that you give, the better visitors will feel about buying from you or helping your cause.  The more information you give, the higher your website will rank in the search engine results.

Think of every page as a gentle sales pitch to make your reader have confidence in your professionalism, your products, and your services.

Here are a few things to think about when it comes describing your business.

  1. What do you do?
  2. What problem do you solve?
  3. How will the customer benefit from your business?
  4. How is your product or service different from your competitors?
  5. Why should the customer care?
  6. Does your company benefit people other than just the customer?  If so, then how?
  7.  Has your business been around for a few years?  If so, then talk about how you have helped customers.
  8. Is your business new? If so, then talk about how your business will help others or make a worthwhile impact on your customer and to the community.

If this sounds like too much thinking for you then search for a business that operates in the same market as you.  Take a look at the websites from the first 2 page results. Take a look at their About Us or Company information page.  Read how they describe their business.  This should give you some ideas of how you may want to describe your business.  Don't copy what you read because it won't help you with search engine rankings (it makes it worse) and plagiarism will hurt your business image and will put you at legal risk for copyright infringement.  This is your business; be proud of it and tell the world.




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