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Content Management Systems (CMSs) make it easy for online businesses to conveniently manage and update their websites from any device with a web browser and access to the Internet.  The CMS is installed on the webserver and makes it affordable to have sophisticated website features such as blogs, forums, event registrations, calendars, donations and ecommerce carts.  Just about every website that you will visit today operates on a content management system.  The two most favored content management systems for businesses and personal website owners are Joomla and WordPress. WordPress can handle ecommerce, but its strong point is with blogging.  For the most part big companies that use WordPress have website developers that write custom code mainly because the code that they need doesn’t exist.  Joomla is commonly used mostly by businesses and organizations thanks to the work of 3rd party Joomla developers who have already created the coding for numerous business sectors.  Joomla is versatile and customization can be performed on an as needed.  Joomla extensions use the information form the website template, which gives it that customize look and feel.

Having a decent word processor skill set is just about the only thing that you’ll need to update a CMS website. The frontend and backend page editor pretty much has the same buttons that you will find in a word processor.  The editor lets you add images, format text, and type as you do in Microsoft Word.


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