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Why pay to register my domain name?

The short answer is because a domain name helps to make your website appear professional.  Investing in a domain name provides you with an official name to use on the Internet.  The domain name is a unique website address for use on the internet.  Think of it as an empty lot of land for a building. The property may have an address, even though there is no building present.  The address is like your domain name and the future building to be built on the land is like your future website.  Domain names are managed by an organization that keeps track of all the domain names, ownership, and which ones are available. They also keep track of domain names that are for sell through third parties like GoDaddy. All of this costs money to maintain and update the directory along with managing accounts and transactions.  We don’t really purchase domain names; we rent them.  If you want to keep your domain name then you’ll need to continue to pay for it.  The upside is that the majority of the business websites can make enough money online to pay for the low cost of owning a domain name.  The average price for a domain name is around $20.  You can get domains for less, but it will lack certain privacy or business features attached to the domain name.  Without the privacy features for a domain, anyone in the world will know your name, home address, and phone number.  The additional cost for privacy is well worth the $20 investment.  If you choose not to purchase the privacy service then make sure you use your business address when purchasing a domain name instead of your home address.