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How do customers find your website?

ladywebsiteThis is an essential question, simply for the reason that everyone wants our customers to find our business website.  Before we take a look at the ways customers find your website, we will begin by identifying the 4 categories of visitors that view websites.

  1. Visitors who are curious who may or may not be looking to buy
  2. Visitors who are looking to buy or sign up for something
  3. Visitors who are looking for information
  4. Bots (some are necessary while others cause inaccurate visits counts)

Visitors from categories #1 and #2 are the most beneficial for businesses that sells, merchandise, services, or memberships.

Paying customers will always be preferable to have, rather than individuals who prefer to look around without the intent to purchase.  In the physical world we call this loitering.  In the digital world these individuals tend you use your site as a reference for the sole purpose of finding a cheaper place to purchase the same product.  The potential customers who might or might not purchase your services or products or services, usually originate from social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.  Individuals who are thinking about purchasing are going to frequently discover your website from the search engines such as Google or Yahoo.  Look at it this way. When was the most recent time you visited Facebook or Twitter to do a web search for a pair of shoes, or even a search for information regarding a store in your community? Every time we have the need for something, we consistently search using the major search engines before anything else.  This is especially true for local physical stores that have websites.  Many online stores process orders online and allow consumers to pick up the items at the store.

People use search engines to find business websites.  Search engines are able to do this by accessing a database of domain names.  Google and other search engines easily find website domains like or .net and .org.  If you want people to find your website then you’ll need to buy a domain name.  Domains such as will rank very low in search engine results.  If your website isn’t on the first 5 pages of search results then people will most likely not visit your website.  The more search results an individual has to look through to get to your page, the more likely they will choose a competitor that has a higher search engine ranking than you.